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Architectural designs

We Hardman’s Constructions provide you the path of design to your dream project in respect with your views and thought. Our range of capabilities allows us to provide you with a diverse solutions from the conceptual planning to the materials applied to the project.

The project may residential, commercial, non-profit or otherwise, we at our centre being service oriented to bring out the best for the project by adding values to it. Our team of architects and designers listen to the client needs and are capable of transforming their ideas and thoughts to functional, aesthetically pleasing.

The building is not merely a structure, it should communicate with the users and give out the experience to those who use it.

Structural drawings

A building can be aesthetically pleasing only if the structure of the building coincides with the architectural elements. The structural of the building is the key component for a project, it may be concrete, steel, wood and other building structures.

A series of engineering calculations combing material physics and properties with respect to the load calculations lead to a good structural drawing. This lead to a saving and reducing the wastage of materials in the project.


Grey structure construction

Due to the varied need by the clients, we introduce a new production method called Grey construction. This is introduced in term of fulfilling the client’s need. The following items come in grey structure but need to get agreed before signing a contract.

  1. Fountain
  2. Walls
  3. Roof
  4. Cement plaster to wall and ceilings
  5. Underground water tank
  6. Overhead water tank
  7. Septic tank

Project Supervision

A good project can be said when a perfect co-ordination exists between the project manager, contractor, architects and sub-contractors. The construction project manager who is well verse in the field will guide the supervisors in the field and make the work done.

A construction project manager plays the role of client in the space of working with the architects and sub-contractors, negotiate the cost estimates, budgets and prepare work schedules, choosing appropriate method of construction and materials to fit within in the budget.

Other aspects of job responsibilities are securing all the building related permits, arranging up the materials, equipments and labours, as well as day to day supervision of the project.


Turnkey contract

Turnkey is essentially a fixed price contract. We Hardmans’s Constructions take over the entire project form designing stage to the close-out. The client gives us the responsibility to our professionals and we ‘turn the key’ of their finished dream project.

The design prerequisites are already signed by the client with our architectural team, allowing less flexibility to deviate and minimizing major changes in the project.

The delivery ends with handing over the key to the client along with the bills and the important documents such as design documents, warranty certificate.

Interior design

The space you live creates harmony and peace in your mind. Our team of designers help you to create a best atmosphere by taking ideas and thoughts of the client. We do design for new houses and remodels for existing houses. Most of the interior design we do are related to luxury home segments.

We Hardman Constructions only adapt the best technology and materials, adapting them to the specifics of particular people and culture. We craft your dream project’s interior which perfectly suits your need and requirement.


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